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DPAD: Mountain or Molehill?

Has Twitter caused politics to eliminate the minor molehill and go directly to mountain-sized issues? That's the argument made by the first item in today's Reading List. It's a good piece, and it does *feel* like we are faced with more kerfuffles du jour than in years past. Do they fade just as quickly, or will there be a lasting, cumulative effect? We won't know until November.

Reading List

2012: The Mountain Campaign by Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake (Washington Post’s The Fix): “Now, a single comment made with even one reporter around — or even a non-reporter who has access to Twitter, Facebook or some other social media platform — can become national news within hours (if not faster). The broader question is whether that fact is a good or a bad thing for the way we elect politicians.”

Ron Paul video game is in the works by Matthew Hawkins (MSNBC Technolog): “Supporters of Ron Paul are chronically frustrated over an apparent lack of attention given to the presidential hopeful. One supporter is trying to fight the tide by creating a Web video game. ‘Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution,’ due later this summer, will illustrate his quest to for the White House in an interactive format.”

Roving Billboards: Reaching Congress with the Right Tools at the Right Times by Colin Delany (ePolitics): “More from CampaignTech: on the same panel in which Peter Greenberger talked about instant rapid response, Vox Global’s David Payne discussed integrating your influence channels when you’re trying to reach decision-makers.... For instance, while 8-9 AM is a great time for radio, particularly on stations like WTOP news, the same period is bad for internet advertising, since most staff aren’t at their desks yet. Conversely, 9-11 AM is great for online ads. Lunchtime? Think mobile. Evening? Back to online, to catch staffers watching TV and browsing the web at the same time.”

With New Facebook App, The Search For The Radiohead Republican Is On by Sarah Lai Stirland (techPresident): “A Republican polling firm and interactive agency launched a new Facebook app on Thursday that they hope will enable Republicans to get information on voters who are disappearing from the radar screens of traditional pollsters. The new app, called Trendsetter, enables its users to measure their influence on Facebook, and to answer polling questions related to politics, linking the cultural attributes of those users to their political leanings.”

Online Advocacy Ads

American Gas Association sponsors an ad on Roll Call calling natural gas “the foundation for America’s energy future.”

Huffington Post features an ad from Barrett for Wisconsin seeking contributions for Tom Barrett for Governor and critical of Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI):

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention asks speaks to parents and caregivers in an ad on the Washington Times stating “You do so much to protect them. But did you realize how much these could hurt them?” The piece links to sugarsmarts.com with further information on “sugary drinks.”

Email Newsletter Round Up

Steven Biel, MoveOn.org Civic Action asks One million for student loan forgiveness?” The email links to a petition and states: “I wanted to make sure you see this urgent petition supporting the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, a bill in Congress that would extend a helping hand to those struggling under massive amounts of student loan debt.”

An email titled “The Tide is Turning! The NRA is on the run!” from Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence promotes its actions as effective in altering the support of the ALEC corporations for the NRA and pending gun legislation. The letter states: “Less than one day after three victims from our California Chapters met with Sen. Diane Feinstein's staff, the Senator put a hold on two concealed carry bills in the Senate — the ones we call the George Zimmerman Armed Vigilante Acts. We are told that this was a direct result of our meeting!”

A request for donations comes from the Democratic Governors Association focused on “Trump and Koch.” It begins: “Breaking news: The Republican Governors Association raised $12.3 million this year -- and we just found out that the Koch brothers and Donald Trump are among their biggest donors. Trump and the Kochs are dropping $100,000 and $1 million gifts, which is paying for a lot of lie-filled TV ads in Wisconsin. Extremist billionaires will stop at nothing to save Scott Walker and protect the far-right agenda.”

The Heritage Foundation asks “What if Fannie and Freddie Were Eliminated?,” stating in part: “In a new paper from The Heritage Foundation, A Housing Market Without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Effect on Home Prices, Nahid Anaraki reports that this ‘fueled an excessive expansion of credit in the housing sector, shifted the demand for real estate to the right, and caused home prices to overshoot their underlying market equilibriums.’”

The stars are out “at George Clooney’s house” and you’re invited, according to emails from Rufus Gifford and Julianna Smoot of BarackObama.com.  One of the emails states: “On May 10th, George Clooney is hosting an event at his home in Los Angeles to support President Obama. If you donate $3 or whatever you can today, you'll be automatically entered to be there, too.”

Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks sends out an email “Announcing a National Tea Party Rally!” It urges readers to “RSVP Now for a Huge Tea Party Rally for Mourdock on May 5th. The Rally for Mourdock set for May 5th in Veterans Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis already has 45 sponsors from grassroots groups across Indiana and will feature high-profile speakers.”

A letter titled “Free Speech: Rotten to the Corps?” from the Family Research Council promotes a piece of legislation, stating: “Keeping the military from losing its conscience is at the heart of Rep. Tim Huelskamp's new legislation. His bill, H.R. 3828, ensures that our chaplains and service members won't have to compromise their religious beliefs to serve.”

ThinkProgress War Room offers “CHART: Obama v. Romney Compare On Energy Issues.” The description states: “Mitt Romney’s campaign has benefited from Big Oil and Big Coal’s backing, which have poured more than $16 million into ads attacking President Barack Obama’s energy policies. As a favor, Romney says he plans to open public lands and water to drilling while undoing safety and environmental protections. Below, we take a side-by-side look at Obama and Romney’s policies and their divisions on fossil fuels, clean energy, public health, and pollution. Beneath the chart is a more detailed comparison of the candidates’ energy proposals and rhetoric.”

“Rumblings” are noted by Tammy Duckworth in an email from Emily’s List, which states in part: “But I also hear the rumblings on the campaign trail from women who are ready to make 2012 our year -- the ones who are ready to flood Congress with pro-choice Democratic women who will fight for them. They know, like you do, that EMILY's List is the organization with the resources and experience to make it a reality. Help EMILY's List end the War on Women!”

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