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DPAD: Hillz Meme

Yes, we're a little late posting about the latest political meme--but better late than never, right? I suppose we could say we wanted to post on the day the creators decided to quit while they were ahead. Texts From Hillary caught the attention of its namesake, who "loves the site," and she recently responded by submitting her own contribution to the Tumblr blog. Read more in the piece from The Hill, in today's Reading List.

Reading List

How Much Is a Tweet Worth? by Drake Bennett (Businessweek): “That is exactly what Rob May, co-founder of Backupify, did in an entry on his tech company’s blog. ... May calculated that a Foursquare check-in was worth 40¢, a LinkedIn search 12.4¢, and a Facebook “share” 2.4¢. A Yelp review was worth $9.13. A tweet? A tenth of a cent. A penny, in other words, for 10 of your thoughts.”

Hillary Clinton loves 'Texts from Hillary' blog by Alicia M. Cohn (The Hill): Texts From Hillary is a Tumblr blog created by Washington, D.C.-based communications professionals Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith. The newly popular blog layers faux text messages over photos of the secretary of State holding her BlackBerry. Smith tweeted Tuesday that he had met Clinton and that she ‘loves the site.’”

Dems fundraise off of Santorum's exit by Susan Crabtree (Washington Times): “Under the heading ‘Breaking News: Santorum Drops Out,’ the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent an email to supporters Tuesday afternoon asking for contributions of $3 or more ‘in these critical first hours of the general election’ and warning that a Romney win would mean tax cuts to billionaires and oil companies and an ‘end to the Medicare guarantee for seniors.’”

Chuck Grassley: As Long as He Has a Twitter Feed, His Opponent Has a Chance by Colin Delany (Epolitics.com): “As we’ve said here before, 140 characters is a lot of room in which to stick a foot in one’s mouth, though I bet the Senator’s supporters wouldn’t actually see this one as a gaffe — to them, it’s speaking truth to power (and note that Grassley’s even featured his feed jokingly in a campaign video). But this incident does remind of a quote about Sen. Grassley that appeared in our pages a couple of years ago. Referring to his Democratic challenger, a friend said, ‘As long as he has a Twitter feed, she has a chance.’”

Online Advocacy Ads

The National Women’s Law Center sponsors an ad on The Daily Beast regarding reproductive health care. The video states “My Health Is Not Up For Debate” and urges viewers to go to NotUpForDebate.org to sign a petition:

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) offers a free US-Israel pin to viewers who sign a petition that is linked to from an ad on the Washington Times. The petition to “Help Stop Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions” is also accompanied by a video and contact information form.

The Obama For America campaign puts forth an ad on Huffington Post displaying the President “fist bumping” with a worker.

Email Newsletter Round Up

The League of Conservation Voters spotlights a campaign to submit “public comments” to the EPA in favor of the agency’s “recently proposed standard to limit harmful industrial carbon pollution from power plants” in an email from Mike Palamuso, titled “Stop the Koch Brothers.”

A newsletter, called “SmartPower Celebrates Earth Month, Presents SmartReads,” from SmartPower announces a weekly bulletin from the group summarizing “all the latest clean energy and energy efficiency news” on Friday mornings.

The Heritage Foundation’s “Morning Bell” examines the one of the latest tax reform debates in “Buffett Rule 101,”which the group claims is “populist rhetoric.” The piece concludes by stating “[the President’s] goal is to concoct a distraction from his failed leadership ... Instead of offering solutions, the President is offering class warfare branded as the Buffett Rule.”

Sarah Hodgdon of the Sierra Club writes about the organization’s efforts around Earth Day, asking readers to “take an Earth Day pledge to get outside: visit a park, walk instead of drive, or go for a bike ride. From April 10 to May 4, you can pledge to do something that shows the world you value America's great outdoors.” The pledge will enter signers into a raffle for a free trip to the North Cascade Mountains. The email, titled “Need a Mountain escape? Make an Earth Day Pledge!,” also promotes a video of celebrities “sharing their favorite place in America to get outdoors.”

Mindy Myers of the Elizabeth Warren campaign for a US Senate seat in Massachusetts forwards a purported email from their opponent Scott Brown’s camp. The piece titled “FWD: Warren's liberal friends” seeks donations claiming Brown’s email is calling Warren’s supporters names and “isn't just an attack on Elizabeth -- it's an attack on all of us who are fighting for middle class families.”

Tony Perkins’ FRC Action Update reflects on if the latest news regarding the GOP nominee race changes the push for social conservatism in “Santorum's Bid Ends--Values Campaign Continues.”

Think Progress War Room also focuses on Santorum’s exit and lists “Rick Santorum’s TOP TEN Attacks on Mitt Romney,” including “some serious charges against the presumed nominee that should not be forgotten.”

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