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DPAD: Forget the chocolate bunnies, we have cookies

Are you one to eat the ears or the tail off your chocolate bunny first? No rabbits here, but we do have news of cookies. Computer cookies, that is--and we're seeing more and more about how tracking cookies are being used in conjunction with voter data to highly target online political advertising. Read more about this emerging tactic in Sci-Tech Today. It's one of the items in today's Reading List.

Reading List

Let's All Talk About Congressional Email by Nick Judd (Tech President): “What is the flood of emails pouring into Congress doing to national politics? Matt Glassman, an adjunct professor of political science at Catholic University, thinks it might be creating reasons for individual members to focus less on local politics and more on attention-getting national issues. ... Glassman's theory is that the Tea Party-fueled influx of young, first-term members of Congress in 2010 may have been enough to push the House over the top and into an era of increased adoption of the Internet. And that means more members who may be making some decisions based on a barrage of input coming from all over the country, not just inside that member's district.”

Online Political Ads Zero in on Voters by Martha T. Moore, (Sci-Tech Today): “Tech-savvy political media companies are matching voter data with an online trail of ‘cookies’ computer users generate when they go online, targeting ads by voter demographics. Political online targeting is only in its third election cycle and has a long way to go before it equals the detailed information mailing lists have.”

Muckraking Goes Global by Mark Feldstein (American Journalism Review): “As investigative reporting recedes in the United States, it is exploding around the world, often online and frequently in countries where it has never been seen before. ...In addition to the Internet, with its global reach for databases and cloud storage, modern muckrakers are using mobile and satellite phones as well as high-definition video and graphics, and they are exploring global positioning systems, radio frequency identification and even private drones to track investigative targets.”

Online Advocacy Ads

Smile Train seeks funding through an ad on the Washington Post that notes: “Every year more than 165,000 children are born with clefts: most can't afford surgery. Give a child back their future with surgery that costs as little as $250.” The ad links to further information and a donation form here.

An ad by BP America on the Washington Post site spotlights the company’s continued work in the Gulf States. It links to a Facebook page for further information and videos regarding “Our Commitment to the Gulf Economy.”

Courage Campaign offers a call to action as part of its Dump DOMA campaign on the Good As You blog, a LGBT focused site. It links to a page that urges viewers to sign up via email and then ask five others to join as well in order to “build a mass movement that can make calls, write letters, and mobilize your fellow citizens at a moment’s notice if we’re going to win this battle. Together we can help change hearts and minds around the country, elect men and women who support DOMA repeal, and continue our work to end DOMA through the courts and Congress!”

The Washington Times’ Inside the Beltway blog serves up an advertisement from the Private Equity Growth Capital Council promoting its Private Equity at Work campaign, focusing on the benefits of private equity to pension funds, companies, workers, and the economy as a whole. It links to privateequityatwork.com for further information.

American Petroleum Institute (API) has a sponsored link on Huffington Post asking “What’s Up with Gas Prices?” and linking to gaspricesexplained.org for additional information.

Daily Kos Labor hosts an ad by Friends of Sherrod Brown (D-OH) urging viewers to sign a petition seeking to “Overturn Citizens United. Fight pay-to-play corporate influence in elections.”

Email Newsletter Round Up

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) signs a DNC alert to supporters titled “We're sending this one to the RNC”: “The Republicans' anti-women's health agenda is, according to the head of the GOP, a ‘fiction.’ That's right -- Reince Priebus says it's just a figment of our imagination. Let me just say these attacks are very real to the millions of women whose access to health care is on the line, thanks to threats to defund Planned Parenthood and the GOP fight to limit access to birth control. If you're with me on this one, we'll make sure Priebus sees your name on this petition.”

FreedomWorks is hosting a free webcast with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who will discuss free-market reforms, tax reform, and take submitted questions from viewers: “Who: Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) and Max Pappas, FreedomWorks Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs; What: A national, live-streaming video interview with Senator Rubio; When: Monday, April 16th, 2012, at 7:00 PM EST.”

ThinkProgress War Room sends out a lengthy missive claiming “GAME ON: Mr. 1 Percent, Revealed,” which details the following points: “Millionaire Mitt Romney Would Slash Taxes for the 1 Percent, Raise Them on the Poorest Americans - Millionaire Mitt Romney Gives up His Medicare, Wants to End it For Everyone Else - Millionaire Mitt Romney’s Campaign Complains About His $100 Million Retirement Account, Wants to Slash Social Security for Everyone Else - Millionaire Mitt Romney Amassed His Quarter-Billion Dollar Fortune by Closing Factories, Laying Off Thousands of Workers - Millionaire Mitt Romney Uses Special Tax Loopholes to Pay a Lower Tax Rate Than Millions of Middle Class Workers - IN ONE SENTENCE: Millionaire Mitt Romney and his policies are of, by, and for the wealthiest 1 Percent.”

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