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eOutreach Newsletter – Midweek Briefing

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

This is a posting of some of the content from the weekly eOutreach Newsletter. To be added to the email list, please contact Chip Griffin at chip@eoutreach.com.
In The News

Roll Call takes a look at how lobbying firms are diversifying in the face of declining revenue. McBee Strategic Consulting, profiled in the piece, has diversified by purchasing a PR shop: Gibraltar Associates. Other firms are looking to the states to shore up lost revenue, by opening offices and lobbying state issues.

With all of the new freshman members of the 113th Congress, how does one get up to speed quickly on all of their backgrounds, and where they stand on key issues? The best way may be to pick up a copy of The 113th Freshman Congressional Report. At nearly 600 pages, this book contains all you need to know about the new members of the 113th; it is published by PowerBase Associates in conjunction with Columbia Books. For more, see here: http://tiny.cc/b43krw

Organizing for Action, the new tax-exempt non-profit borne out of Obama for America, reports its email list exceeds 20 million people. Politico’s Influence column notes that this most likely makes it the biggest email list ever collected in politics.

Google has reportedly invited “top-level campaign staff” from the Obama and Romney campaigns to a meeting in its New York offices, as reported on Politico’s Influence column. They will be examining areas where technology and campaigns converge, such as online voter registration, and “online campaign organizing products, platforms, analytics and targeting.”

Former Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), has joined the public affairs firm Agenda as a senior advisor. A piece on Politico by Tarini Parti has the details, along with news of other former lawmakers’ new positions in the influence world. http://tiny.cc/lhnkrw

New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker’s reputation as a man of action has been well documented. From saving a neighbor from a burning house to shoveling a constituent’s driveway in snowstorm, the potential US Senate candidate seems ready to roll up his sleeves at a moment’s notice. And, he’s done it again, this time by rescuing a freezing dog who had inadvertently been left outside for hours by her owner. Remember, Mayor Booker—no capes.


Politico has lured Peter Cherukuri away from the Huffington Post. Cherukuri will be the SVP of advertising and business development for Politico. His title at HuffPo was VP/GM of the Washington, D.C. bureau. He’ll start at Politico on Feb. 11, according to a piece on Media Bistro.

Politico’s Influence notes that Sharon Cohen, formerly of the Podesta Group, has opened her own firm; SLC Health Strategies.

Mike Laws is leaving The Hill, where he has worked for six years as copy editor. He has decided to concentrate on his studies as he pursues an MA at Johns Hopkins.

Politico’s Influence column reports that new lobbying firm Republic Consulting, headed by former Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) and lobbyist Hunter Bates, has signed a number of new clients.

David Hebert is the new CEO of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Hebert most recently served as CEO of the American College of Nurse Practitioners; his new position follows the merger on Jan. 1, 2013, of the American College of Nurse Practitioners with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

E.R. Anderson has been named the new communications director for Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA). Anderson most recently was with the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, serving as the communications director.


Director of Communications & Public Engagement, City of Fort Worth, TX, Fort Worth, TX
Communications Director, (Job ID: EEGO-13-CR-42-IT- 00375), Department of Energy, Washington, DC – apply by Feb. 4

Associations / Foundations / Institutes / Nonprofits
Director of Communications & Outreach, ACLU of Colorado, Denver, CO – apply by Feb. 15
Executive Director, ACLU of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
Director of Digital Engagement, America Speaks, Washington, DC

Communications/ PR /Consulting Firms
Account Director, Public Affairs, 720 Strategies, Washington, DC
Vice President of Digital Technology, DCI Group, Washington, DC
Associate, Campaign Services, DDC Advocacy, National Harbor, MD

Manager, State Government Relations, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rosemont, IL and Washington, DC
Director, Marketing & Public Affairs, American Association of Tissue Banks, McLean, VA
Director of Congressional Affairs, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC
These are just a small sample of more than 70 job listings in this week's eOutreach Newsletter. For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.

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eOutreach Newsletter: A Moderate Edition

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

This is a posting of some of the content from the weekly eOutreach Newsletter. To be added to the email list, please contact Chip Griffin at chip@eoutreach.com.

In The News

Charlie Cook has penned an interesting piece for National Journal that examines the increasing importance of the moderate vote in election cycles. Cook puts forth some interesting data that appears to make the case that it is moderates, more so than independents, who are the decisive vote block that need to be considered to win an election. He makes a compelling case. http://tiny.cc/2kjtqw

Influence Alley highlights an app put forth by the Senate Republican Conference that pulls together “media interviews, weekly addresses, and press releases” from GOP senators. The app also includes the Senate Calendar, and according to the post “actually seems to work, flowing smoothly.” It might be worth checking out—even if you’re a Democrat.

Watching the departures of the President’s first term cabinet members and speculating who will replace them is one of the many subjects occupying the attention of political journalists. Time’s Swampland blog examines “Obama’s Cabinet Shuffle,” and takes a look at who’s staying, who’s leaving, and who may replace them. Questions have been raised about the diversity of the cabinet, and the Time piece doesn’t tiptoe around that topic. http://tiny.cc/w4ltqw

The Citizens United decision fallout continues to make news—Politico’s Influence column notes that lawyers for the Obama administration have filed a brief with the Supreme Court, arguing that the ban on corporate funding of elections should stay in place. A businessman is challenging the constitutionality of the ban in light of the Citizens United decision.

Last week I referenced the unexpected role Twitter is playing in international relations. Even more unexpected? The government of North Korea has a Twitter account, and it recently decided to reduce the number of accounts it follows—down to three. GigaOm reports that two of the three “make perfect sense,” as the account follows “communist Vietnam and a Korea propaganda site.” So who or what is the third account they follow? It’s Jimmy Dushku, a 25 year old from Texas. He’s an independently wealthy investor from Austin, and, according to a piece on Mother Jones, is “Coldplay’s biggest fan.” What I love about the world is how utterly unpredictable it can be.

Just for fun…an update: Speaking of worlds, ours could yet be in peril as the White House has issued its official response to the Death Star petition, and it appears as though we shall remain unprotected. The response is brilliantly hilarious. From the title (“This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For”) to the reasons (cost, of course, and “The Administration does not support blowing up planets”) it is pitch-perfect geeky humor. http://tiny.cc/zontqw



Matt Walker is the new vice president of government affairs at the National Restaurant Association. Walker most recently served as senior aide to former Sen. Olympia Snowe, (R-ME).

Chocolate! I had to add this one. The Hershey Company has retained lobbyists from Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld to handle “food and nutrition matters.” Politico’s Influence column states that Sean D’Arcy, Barney Skladany and Janine Smith will be on the account.

Victoria Adams has left her position of director of political affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association, and has joined Merck.

Bill Rys has joined Citigroup as part of the bank’s lobbying team, where he will focus on tax and revenue issues in Washington. Rys most recently worked at Shell Oil Company as a senior advisor on tax and other issues.

Alex Manning will be returning to work for Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) as staff director for the House Homeland Security subcommittee on cybersecurity, according to Politico. Manning previously had served as McCaul’s legislative director, and most recently worked at IBM as a lobbyist.

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) is joining law firm McDonald Hopkins, as president of the newly created McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies.

Dave Davis is now with Meyers & Associates. Davis is the former legislative assistant to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX).





Vice President of Development, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

Assistant Director for Communications, County of Roanoke, Emergency Communications Center, Roanoke, VA – apply by Jan. 20

Director, Executive Education for the School of Media & Public Affairs, George Washington University, Washington, DC

Communications/ PR /Consulting Firms

Manager, Corporate/Financial Practice, Burson-Marsteller, New York, NY

Manager, Healthcare Practice, Burson-Marsteller, San Francisco, CA

Senior Associate, Technology Practice, Burson-Marsteller, San Francisco, CA


Community Relations Manager, Cisco, Bangalore, India

Senior Director, Public Policy, Comcast, Washington, DC

Director, Government Affairs/Cyber security Partnerships, Symantec, Washington, DC


Marketing Communications Specialist/Coordinator, BerkleyNet, Woodbridge, VA

Senior Community Relations Associate, Capital One, Plano, TX

Director of Communications, Electronic Transactions Association, Washington, DC


These are just a taste of more than 60+ job listings in this week's eOutreach Newsletter. For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.

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Public Affairs News from eOutreach – Welcome to the New Year!

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

This is a posting of some of the content from the weekly eOutreach Newsletter. To be added to the email list, please contact Chip Griffin at chip@eoutreach.com.

In The News

The role technology played in the 2012 elections can’t seem to be overstated. A post on TechPresident looks at an interesting question facing Democrats: what should they do with the technology they used during the election, and who has the right or responsibility to make that choice? The pull to keep it in house versus making it more broadly available is one of the key debates. Read more about it here: http://tiny.cc/sqocqw

Interested in science? If so, you aren’t alone—and, if you’ve shared any science-y information on social channels during the past year, you’re part of an interesting trend. From the 72K retweets of NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s first tweet from Mars to Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic jump being one of the top 10 on YouTube’s 2012 trending list, science topics were widely shared in 2012. The New York Times looks at some of the hottest science shares on social channels, and government agency NASA had quite a few hits last year.    http://tiny.cc/anbeqw

It’s intriguing to me to see how the informal and very public channel of Twitter is being used, on occasion, to further international relations. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is now using a new Twitter account to tweet in Arabic, to “deepen the dialogue” with followers of the account.

Additionally, a new report from Digital Daya finds that President Obama is the most popular world leader on Twitter. A post on The Hill’s Twitter Room blog says the study shows the number of “actively tweeting heads of state” has grown to 123 in 2012, up from 69 in 2011.

Washington, D.C. is once again on one of those “top [whatever] cities” lists—this time, it ranks at number nine on the “25 Drunkest Cities” list, via The Daily Beast. Boston is once again number one, for the second year running. http://tiny.cc/fpheqw

Just for fun…It’s really interesting to see the difference in Congress in 50 years. Buzzfeed has a photo gallery mixed with some infographics that illustrate the changes: http://tiny.cc/50ieqw



Potomac Flacks notes that Brooke Sammon is the new Deputy Press Secretary for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Sammon most recently worked on the Romney campaign, where she “directed surrogate media.”

Also on Potomac Flacks is news that Jodi Seth will soon join Facebook as their Manager of Public Policy and Communications. Seth most recently served as the Communications Director for Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).

Politico’s Influence column notes that Point Blank Public Affairs is closing, and founders Amy Weiss and Debra DeShong Reed will start two new firms; the new firms are Weiss Public Affairs and Five by Five Public Affairs.

More moves from the Hill: E2 Wire reports that Brian Straessle is to “join the media team” at the American Petroleum Institute (API). Straessle is currently a senior aide with the House Republican Study Committee.

Arent Fox has made some promotions in its Washington D.C. office—three attorneys were promoted to partner there: Aziz Burgy, Kevin Pinkney, and Amy Schoenhard.

Via Politico’s Influence column, Dan Elwell is joining Airlines for America as SVP of safety, security, and operations. Elwell most recently worked at the Aerospace Industries Association.



Communications/ PR /Consulting Firms

Director of Public Relations, AMF Media Group, San Francisco, CA

Account Manager with Proof Integrated Communications, Burson Marsteller, New York, NY

PR Manager, Healthcare Practice, Burson Marsteller, New York, NY

Client Executive/Associate, Burson Marsteller, Austin, TX

Client Executive/Associate, Healthcare Practice, Burson Marsteller, Chicago, IL

Account Executive, DBC PR+New Media, Washington, DC

Media Relations Specialist, Griffin & Company, Washington, DC

Director of Public Relations, Optimistic Consulting, Alexandria, VA

Public Affairs/Legislative Analyst, (Secret clearance/DoD experience required), Patricio Enterprises, Quantico, VA

Public Affairs Director, Defense National Security Issues, Powell Tate, Washington, DC

PR/Public Affairs Consultant, Stratacomm, Washington, DC


For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.

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Public Affairs News from eOutreach – Death Star Edition

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

This is a posting of some of the content from the weekly eOutreach Newsletter. To be added to the email list, please contact Chip Griffin at chip@eoutreach.com.

In The News

Deadline looming – As we inch ever closer to the fiscal cliff, news from that front continues to dominate coverage. Since current Members of Congress are having trouble reaching an agreement, a group of former members, including Dick Gephardt and Dennis Hastert, are pushing for a resolution by publishing an op-ed in The Washington Post. The AFL-CIO is organizing a “candlelight campaign” to advance its messaging on fiscal cliff issues; the campaign is tied to International Human Rights Day on Monday, Dec. 10.

Let’s see what flies in D.C.—Politico reports that the U.S. Airline Pilots Association and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association have each hired lobbying firms recently. The Airline Pilots Association has signed on with 3 Click Solutions, retaining lobbyist Patrick Murphy to represent the interests of U.S. Airways pilots. The National Air Traffic Controllers have signed with The Keelen Group to represent them on a variety of legislative measures. In other aviation-related news, Keith Glatz is leaving the Transportation Department and has joined Airlines for America as VP of International Affairs.

$2 Billion – that’s how much was raised and spent by the two contenders for the White House during this election cycle. The amount was record-setting, and 2012 also marked the first time that both candidates at the top of the ticket opted not to accept public financing for their campaigns.

Politico’s Influence column reports that Witt Associates and O’Brien’s Response Management will merge by December 31, and the new firm will be called Witt O’Brien’s. The firm will be headed out of a Washington, D.C. office and have additional offices in several states, the UK, and Brazil.

Just For Fun…I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the White House may be rethinking the “We the People” petitioning program it launched. We’ve previously reported on the petitions to secede. Well, now the White House may have a new petition to contend with, if it reaches the 25,000 online signatures within 30 days that triggers an official hearing from the administration. This time, petitioners are advocating securing funding to build a Death Star by 2016 to “strengthen our national defense.”  I’m not so sure the deadline could be met. CNet has run the numbers on cost and expected project construction time: http://tiny.cc/8vv1ow

More just for fun…via Politico, a video from the official lobbying firm of a Mr. S. Claus: http://tiny.cc/lsw1ow


The biggest people news of the week is Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) decision to leave the Senate and head up The Heritage Foundation. In leaving his senate seat, DeMint sets in motion an unusual condition for the 2014 election cycle: both US Senate seats in South Carolina will be up for election.

Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), has hired Tom Hassenboehler to be chief counsel for the Energy and Power subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Hassenboehler will be leaving his current position as the VP of policy development for America’s Natural Gas Alliance.

Elizabeth Bartheld is joining the American Forest & Paper Association, as the organization’s VP of Government Affairs. Bartheld will leave her position as chief of staff for Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK).

Gina Woodworth will soon be at the Internet Association, serving as VP of public policy. Woodworth leaves her position at the Entertainment Software Association, where she has been working as the senior director of government affairs.

J Street, a pro-Israel group, has hired Alan Elsner as VP for Communications, according to a post on Politico’s Influence column. Politico notes that Elsner is a dual US/Israeli citizen, and that he has served as the Executive Director for The Israel Project.


Associations / Foundations/ Institutes / Nonprofits
Research Assistant for the Center for the People & the Press, Pew Research Center, Washington, DC – apply by Dec. 14
Public Relations Specialist, Wounded Warrior Project, Washington, DC
Communications Manager, Association of Children’s Museums, Washington, DC
Online Communications Manager for the Center to Champion Nursing, AARP, Washington, DC
Director of Marketing, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), Washington, DC
Health Communications Manager, National Partnership for Women & Families, Washington, DC
Director of Government Affairs, National Pavement Asphalt Association, Lanham, MD
Digital Communications Specialist, National Cable TV Association, Washington, DC
Public Affairs Manager, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Laurel, MD
Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Washington, DC
For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.


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eOutreach News: Thanksgiving Edition

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

Since this will likely be a short -- and hopefully quiet -- work week for most of us, there will be no newsletter next Sunday. We'll resume in two weeks.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving wherever you may find yourself.

And now the news of the week from Jen Zingsheim and the professional services team at eOutreach.

- Chip
In The News

PR Week’s print edition (November) reports that the US Department of Agriculture has hired Edelman to assist with a challenging, and possibly thankless task: the social marketing campaign is designed to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

If you aren’t ready to gouge your eyes out yet at election post-mortem, The Atlantic carries an interesting piece authored by Patrick Ruffini, a Republican political strategist and blogger, who argues that the biggest issue Republicans face heading into the next election cycle is not a technology gap—it’s a GOP talent gaphttp://tiny.cc/srwvnw

Politico’s Influence column notes a report from the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute, which found that in the 2012 election cycle there was “no relationship between the candidate with more spending and either winning or losing” in congressional races. Is this more evidence that 2012 was not like other years, or is this another “new normal”? Here’s a link to the report: http://tiny.cc/hi7wnw

This probably isn’t exactly what they had in mind when they launched the We The People online petition platform in 2011—all 50 states now have online petitions to withdraw from the Union.  http://tiny.cc/pw8wnw Some are far more popular than others, with Texas leading the way in signatures. In other news, the film Lincoln opens nationwide this weekend.

Much of the news out of Washington is now centered on the fiscal cliff. Time’s Swampland blog posts an upbeat piece about Friday’s meeting between congressional leaders and the President. http://tiny.cc/ts8wnw

The next chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) will be Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR). And, it looks likely that Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) will be the next chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Filed under “things I didn’t know”: apparently, there’s no requirement that one actually needs to serve in Congress to be Speaker of the House. This little factoid was noted on Influence Alley, after Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) nominated former Speaker Newt Gingrich to serve as Speaker. Handy trivia for upcoming cocktail parties.

Just for fun…what happens when Disney takes over the Star Wars franchise, and then its CEO makes a statement about the fiscal cliff? A meme is born, naturally. Via The Street, a collection of the best #StarWarsFiscalCliff tweets: http://tiny.cc/092rnw



David Cuzzi has launched a lobbying and communications firm called Prospect Hill Strategies, according to a post on National Journal. Cuzzi is a former aide for former Sen. John Sununu (R-NH). He has also served at BAE Systems, as the director of government relations.

Influence Alley reports that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will have a new top energy aide. Maryam Brown will step into the role with Speaker Boehner from her current position as chief counsel for the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

Via Politico’s Influence column—Lori Denham is joining Lisa Kountoupes at “the newly renamed” firm Kountoupes | Denham.

Incoming Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), has selected his chief of staff; it will be Mike Henry, who ran Kain’s campaign.

Chani Wiggins has launched Winn Strategies, a government relations firm. Wiggins was previously the Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has elected its new chairman of the board of directors; Chairman, President and CEO of Marathon Oil, Clarence Cazalot Jr., will serve in the role for one year starting January 1, 2013.

Just for fun—People Edition…National Journal notes that Republican staffer for the Senate Joint Economic Committee Chris Jacobs recently came back from New York City, where he was in a taped episode of game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The episode is expected to air sometime in spring.


Social Media & Digital Campaign Communications Specialist, Save the Children, Washington, DC

Associate Director, Global Policy & Advocacy, Save the Children, Washington, DC

Social Media Manager, Amnesty International, Washington, DC or New York, NY

Online Campaign Manager, Amnesty International, Washington, DC or New York, NY

Chief Digital Officer, Amnesty International, New York, NY

Digital Marketing Manager, Global Impact, Alexandria, VA

Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications, Global Impact, Alexandria, VA

Senior Communications Officer (Job ID: 3470BR), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Washington, DC

Deputy Director, Issue Advocacy (Job ID: 3520BR), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Washington, DC

Director of New Media & Digital Communications, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC

Director, Media & Public Relations, Oxfam USA, Boston, MA

For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.

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eOutreach News: Veterans Day Edition

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

Election is over. No need to discuss that here since we've all probably had enough analysis to last us a lifetime (and there's some of that later in this email, too). Yet the study of what happened -- and how -- has only just begun on both sides as they plan for 2016.

The reflection called for this weekend, however, is upon those who have served and continue to serve our nation in the armed forces. Hopefully we were all able to take at least a few minutes to think about and honor those devoted and courageous individuals who have put on the uniform in defense of all that makes America great. The fact that Veterans Day always comes in close proximity to Election Day seems particularly appropriate.

Now on to the news of the week from Jen Zingsheim, Mackenzie Bradley, and the rest of the eOutreach professional services team.

- Chip

In The News

Who was one of the biggest winners on Tuesday? Nate Silver. The New York Times blog FiveThirtyEight saw 20 percent of the traffic on the entire NYT site the day before the election. Silver’s predictions, which were questioned in the days leading up to the election, were ultimately validated by poll results—his model correctly predicted the winner in all 50 states. And, Silver’s book sales have skyrocketed by 850 percent on Amazon, according to CNNMoney.

A pair of articles on techPresident looks at the digital efforts behind the Obama and Romney campaigns. The Obama 2012 digital efforts were “more top-down and meticulously organized” than his 2008 campaign, which, according to the article can be attributed to a massive overhaul of the campaign’s “digital infrastructure.”  The article on the Romney campaign’s digital efforts notes that digital communications “were not in the budget” for the primary season, which meant they started much later, and with more external vendors. For the Obama article, click here: http://tiny.cc/akvgnw For the Romney article, click here: http://tiny.cc/267gnw

For those who can’t get enough of Big Data, Time’s Swampland blog carries a long piece that peers behind the curtain of the Obama campaign effort. The level of microtargeting and number-crunching is impressive. Of note in the piece—the campaign ran election simulations 66,000 times a night. If you love data, it’s worth a read. http://tiny.cc/gc8gnw

The lame-duck session of Congress is generating considerable discussion, particularly as the strategies to address the fiscal cliff begin to emerge. Post-election analysis and taxing issues are taking center stage. Influence Alley notes that the year-end deadline presents some considerable challenges.

The House Democrats have launched a new website that allows job applicants to upload resumes to DemCom, the House Democrats’ official Intranet. Influence Alley reports the site has a “LinkedIn feel to it.”

Web comic strip xkcd has a mesmerizing infograph that depicts the partisan and ideological makeup of the US Congress going back to its foundation. The chart also contains interesting factoids, such as Senator Edward Baker “is to date the only sitting member of Congress to die in battle.” http://xkcd.com/1127/

Public Citizen continues to publish analyses of the funding of the election cycle. Its most recent report looks at the amount of “dark money” in Senate races. The group concludes that roughly half of the money spent in competitive Senate races during the election cycle was spent by 501(c) non-profits, which do not have to disclose their donors.

Politico’s Influence spotlights the merger of a trio of firms to form an international practice to be named Dentons. The groups, hailing from the US, Europe, and Canada, include SNR Denton, Salans, and Fraser Milner Casgrain and will operate from more than 75 locations in 52 countries.

Just for fun—this is either an adorable expression of hope for bipartisanship, or a portent of lifelong sibling rivalry. Millicent Awuor gave birth to twins in Kenya on election day, and has named the boys Barack and Mitt.


The National Federation of Independent Business has hired a new manager of legislative affairs, Ashley Fingarson. Fingarson most recently worked as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R-TX) legislative assistant.

Politico’s Influence column reports that The Chertoff Group has hired retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General Emerson Gardner. Gardner most recently was at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where he served as principal deputy director, and then as acting director of cost assessment.

Politico also reports that The American Council on International Personnel has hired Justin Storch. Storch will serve as manager agency liaison on the government affairs team.

Roll Call’s K Street Files note that Williams Mullen has a new director of government affairs. Matthew LaRocco, son of former Rep. Larry LaRocco (D-ID), was most recently with Arnold & Porter and also previously held the position of general manager with Fleishman-Hillard Government Relations.

Ken Sain comes on board with Widmeyer Communications from a previous role as senior vice president at Porter Novelli. He will be a senior vice president in Widmeyer’s pre-K-12 Education practice with a focus on the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, according to Politico’s Influence.

Principal, Government Relations (Job ID: 1202998), American Airlines, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 15
Policy Advisor, Conflict Prevention, UK Mission to the United Nations, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, New York, NY – apply by Nov. 18
Director of Development & Membership, National Association for Olmstead Parks, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 19
Director of International Relations (Job ID: EX-13-04), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 20
Public Affairs Specialist (Job ID: OPA-2013-0002), Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 21
Legislative Analyst (Job ID: 13-001-JLP-DE), Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 23
Director of Government Relations (pdf), Corps Network, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. 30
Coordinator of Federal Relations, State University of New York System, Washington, DC – apply by Dec. 1
Publications Officer, Development, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA – apply by Dec. 3

...and, one more:

Vice President for Communications/Marketing, National Turkey Federation, Washington, DC


For more news and public affairs job listings, sign up for Chip Griffin's weekly newsletter. Send him a note at chip@eoutreach.com and let him know you'd like to be added to the eOutreach newsletter list.

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DPAD Mail Bag: Medicare is Everywhere

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

The DPAD Mail Bag is chock-full of correspondence from a variety of groups about Medicare. It's the issue of the day, which is reflected in today's email Newsletter Roundup. Read about it, and more, below.

Email Newsletter Roundup

Ali at Autism Speaks announces “Updated School Community Tool Kit Available Now” in the organization’s e-Speaks newsletter. The piece opens with: “As students return to school, Autism Speaks is pleased to announce the launch of the School Community Tool Kit 2.0, a tool kit to assist members of the school community in understanding and supporting students with autism. Plus, find more tips and advice on our "Back to School" page. And enter our Back-to-School photo contest for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Build-A-Bear Workshop.”

Similarly, Autism Society sends out its newsletter titled “The Bullying Group Update; Back-to-School Resources for All Ages,” which opens with: “The Autism Society assembled educators, professionals, chapter leaders, self advocates and others of different backgrounds and experiences to address some of the most pressing issues facing those with autism. Working groups met at the Autism Society National Conference to focus on the topics of bullying, quality of life, employment, equal access to screening and early intervention; community collaboration and college programs for students with autism.”

Americans United for Change is “Calling out Romney's lies” in an email that begins: “Medicare has vaulted to the national stage over the past week, and Mitt Romney’s giant ad buys continue to tell the wrong story. Let’s set the record straight. Romney’s Medicare plan would essentially end Medicare as we know it, while President Obama’s plan works to save it. Romney wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program while Obamacare increased benefits for seniors and extended Medicare’s life by 8 years. What’s not to understand here? Most people are buying into the falsehoods. We need to tell them the truth. Will you share the facts with 3 friends?

Obama Victory Fund 2012 sends out “Hey: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” seeking donations and stating in part: “Chip in $5 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered for the chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We'll fly you both out to Charlotte and put you up for three days -- and you'll get VIP passes to the convention. And here's the best part: On the night of President Obama's speech, you'll get to sit in the First Lady's section and witness history in the making.”

A similar campaign drive is spotlighted in an email from Mitt Romney with Romney Victory, Inc., titled “Celebrate with us in Tampa.” It asks for contributions and states: “It's been a long road to the convention, and supporters like you have gotten me this far. That's why I'm excited to invite you to join us in Tampa. Donate $3 today to be automatically entered for your chance to go behind the scenes in Tampa and to be there when I accept the nomination.

Other fundraising letters are sent by Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts and Democratic National Committee.

“NFIB: Learn Who Truly Cares About Small Business” is the newsletter sent by National Federation of Independent Business. The email begins with a message from the group’s CEO, Dan Danner: “The Big Convention Reveal: Who Really Cares About Small Business? Nobody hates small business, especially politicians. But the important thing to know is who really fights for you in Washington. Who works to keep the government from siphoning off your hard-earned cash and handcuffing you with more regulation and red tape?”

MoveOn.org asks “Have an idea for a petition?,” writing: “About a year ago, MoveOn launched a website called SignOn.org to help anyone to start their own online petition. And since then we've seen thousands of MoveOn members use the site to do truly amazing things.... Now it's your turn. Using SignOn.org, you too can start your own online petition and invite your friends to sign it. We'll send the most popular petitions to other MoveOn members to help build support for your cause. Click here to start your own petition on SignOn.org right now.

The Heritage Foundation claims “Obama Edits Official State Department Documents to Tout Himself” in an email that opens: “Inserting himself into the biographies of past presidents on the White House website apparently wasn't enough for President Obama. His State Department is now editing its descriptions of foreign countries into yet another taxpayer-subsidized campaign commercial for the Obama Administration. The State Department has recently ended its long-running series of Background Notes, which were analytical, objective histories of other countries. In their place, new "Fact Sheets" now tout Obama's policies and actions toward each nation. No more historical context, no recounting of complex and long-standing issues in the country. Just cut to the chase—that is, the time when the current Administration came to power.”

Environmental Defense Fund spotlights “Your impact” in a newsletter touting the group’s Faces Of Climate Action campaign. It begins: “The Faces of Climate Action vary so much across our country, but one thing remains constant: You. We know that climate change can be overwhelming. The scope of the issues we are facing can seem insurmountable at times. But you are the powerful force, voice, and face that makes our work possible — and we can't thank you enough.”

David Corn and Kevin Drum at Mother Jones’ Political MOJO newsletter write “It's Campaign Season in America: Photos From the Trail.” The piece states: “Danny Wilcox Frazier's photography assignments have taken him around the world, from Afghanistan to Cuba, Kosovo to Tanzania, and many places in between. But for our September/October issue, we asked Frazier, a Mother Jones contributing photographer, to trek around the middle of America and check in with three candidates fighting to go back to Washington. While putting over 3,000 miles on his Toyota 4x4, Frazier followed Bob Kerrey, who once served as Nebraska's governor and senator—and now hopes to serve as senator again—to two down-home Fourth of July parades. He traveled with Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat in a conservative trending state, on a whistle-stop tour of Missouri's small towns as she fights outside-funded dark money attacks. And he followed Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq veteran and double-amputee now running for an Illinois congressional seat, who jokingly asked him to shoot only ‘her good side.’ Together, the photos give a snapshot of the summer of 2012, when politics tints every ritual of the season.”

ThinkProgress War Room focuses in on “143 seconds” in an email that touts “Romney’s Medicare Madness Explained in 143 Seconds - Earlier today, Mitt Romney held a surprise press conference and, even more surprisingly, busted out a white board and attempted to explain his tortured position on Medicare. We decided to pull out our own whiteboard and give you the facts. Watch ThinkProgress’ Igor Volsky break things down.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action for America urges “Want to Stop Taxmageddon? Email Your Representative Now.” The piece claims: “You've seen the damage: taxmageddon is a $494 billion tax increase on our beleaguered economy. Now it's time to take action to stop the largest tax hike in history. >> Email your Representatives and urge them to stop the coming tax hikes.


DPAD Ads: Time to Listen

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

Today's online advocacy ads come to us from Romney for President, the Democratic Governor's Association DGA Action committee, and Autism Speaks, which states that it is "time to listen."

Online Advocacy Ads

Romney For President, Inc. sponsors a video ad on Kiplinger.com, which states “More Jobs, More Take-Home Pay.” Viewers can “roll over” the ad to watch the full screen video and the click through to the campaign site for details or share the video on several social media platforms.

Daily Kos features an ad from Democratic Governors Association’s DGA Action circulating a petition to “Stop the Romney-Ryan Plan.” It urges readers to “Fight back against the plan to end Medicare as we know it” and links to action.democraticgovernors.org for details.

Autism Speaks also spotlights its programs through an ad on the Washington Post, linking to autismspeaks.org for details.


DPAD: Franking Tweets

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

Ah, Twitter. Another day, another potential political issue--this time, it's House Members that may have violated rules when they tweeted their reactions to Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan for the VP slot. According to Emma Dumain at Roll Call, Congressional rules prohibit Members from "campaigning" via Twitter. Hopefully the rules will be made more clear later this year, when the House Franking Commission rolls out its new manual. Read about this, and more, in today's Reading List.

Reading List

Tweets Surrounding Paul Ryan Pick May Have Violated Electioneering Rules by Emma Dumain (Roll Call): “When news broke that Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) had been tapped as presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate, many of his colleagues on Capitol Hill turned to Twitter to share their reactions. In the process, they may have unwittingly violated House and Senate rules that prohibit Members from ‘campaigning’ via tweets. The Sunlight Foundation, which collects politicians' deleted tweets and posts them online, found a number of instances where Congressional lawmakers, primarily from the House side, expressed excitement or disappointment over the Ryan pick - and then erased them from their Twitter feeds... As Twitter use has expanded, lawmakers have struggled to nail down and then conform to specific rules and regulations regarding their behavior. Finding common ground over what constitutes its appropriate use is further complicated by the fact that Members' Twitter accounts, like other social networking tools, are managed at any given moment in time by full-time staffers, part-time interns and the Members themselves... The bipartisan House Franking Commission is expected to roll out a new franking manual later this year that could clarify proper Twitter usage once and for all.”

Bakery receives bump from RNC after turning down Biden visit by Alicia M. Cohn (The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room): “The owner of a bakery in southern Virginia turned down a photo opportunity with Vice President Joe Biden earlier this week and is doing a booming business Thursday.... The Republican National Committee is already claiming McMurray for their team. ‘LIKE and SHARE if you stand with small business owners and know THEY built their business, not the government!’ the RNC posted on Facebook Thursday with a link to the story about McMurray.”

How Do Advocacy Organizations Build their Mobile Support? by Colin Delany (ePolitics): “Hint: most often, it’s not by cell phone. M&R Strategic Services updated their mobile benchmarks report today, and the results are interesting in a couple of areas. First, the rate of growth of nonprofit mobile acquisition has slowed somewhat since 2010, which the survey authors attribute to the organizations having picked the low-hanging fruit on the existing supporter lists — i.e., the people on their email lists who WOULD sign up to be contacted via cell phone HAVE signed up. Which leads us to the second point: groups are still gaining the bulk of their mobile following NOT by getting people to sign up via their phones. Instead, roughly two-thirds of their new mobile activists are converts from email lists.”

TSA: Complaints low; 821 guns found so far in 2012 by Keith Laing (The Hill’s Transportation): “The Transportation Security Administration said this week that less than 1 percent of the 375 million passengers it has checked so far in 2012 have complained about their airport security screening. The TSA released a midyear report in a blog post on its website. The report showed that 375,432,402 passengers have passed through TSA checkpoints this year, but only 30,204 have logged formal complaints about their experience. [...]Many complaints about TSA come in the form of posts on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, but the agency's numbers only reflect formal written complaints.”


DPAD Mail Bag: Wisconsin and more

Posted by Jen Zingsheim

Wisconsin's primaries were held Tuesday, and now both sides are gearing up for the general election. Mothers Against Drunk Driving are preparing for Labor Day, and the Children's Defense Fund points out that Congress voted "to cut babies by decreasing the Child Tax Credit." Read about these issues and more in today's email newsletter roundup.

Email Newsletter Roundup

Mothers Against Drunk Driving sends out “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over this Labor Day,” stating in part: “In an effort to get drunk drivers off the road, raise public awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, and most importantly, to save more lives on our roadways, the national impaired-driving enforcement crackdown—Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over— will be held from August 17th to September 3rd. Supporting the heroes who keep us safe on the road is a critical part of MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®.  Statistics show that when the public’s perceived risk of being arrested for impaired driving increases, the less likely they are to do so.  Increased saturation or roving patrols, as well as sobriety checkpoints, remind the public of the legal consequences that can come from driving drunk.”

Rich Galen’s Mullings address “Those Polls, That Biden,” spotlighting that “USA Today invested good money surveying people who are not going to vote in this year's elections. Why? So they could find out how Barack Obama would do in November if everyone did vote. According to this survey among the people who will not be voting Obama beats Mitt Romney 43% to 14%. Yes, I know. There is a certain Alice-in-Wonderland aspect to all this, but let's keep going.... The important point is: If these data are correct and people who are not likely to vote favor Obama slightly more than 3-1, then every poll we read that includes ‘Adults’ or ‘Registered Voters’ should be considered fatally skewed toward Obama. Only polls that use ‘Likely Voters’ can be considered legitimate (assuming all the other legitimizing factors are adhered to).”

Black American Political Action Committee forwards a fundraising email via Townhall Spotlight, titled “They're Spending $250k to Smear Allen West.” It states in part: “A SuperPAC founded by Allen West's opponent's father, just released one of the most bigoted and hateful ads in American history. It depicts Congressman West as a woman-beater, a mugger and a coward! Please make a special generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250 or more to help the Black America's Political Action Committee (BAMPAC) stand up to this garbage and defend Allen West. [...]Please help me defend Allen West. BAMPAC is uniquely qualified to stand up for this American hero. Unfortunately though, BAMPAC doesn't have anywhere near $250,000 to help counter this massive independent personal attack. So I'm turning to you.”

Phil Kerpen with American Commitment offers an “IRS Power Grab Update.” It notes: “One week ago we launched our effort to support U.S. Senator Ron Johnson's Senate Joint Resolution 48 (SJR48), which would stop the IRS's unlawful effort to trample states that exercised their right to opt out of Obama's health care exchanges. Already, American Commitment activists have sent over 28,000 letters to the Senate urging support for the Johnson Resolution.  But our records indicate you have not sent yours yet. Please click here now to urge your U.S. Senators to do everything in their power to support the Johnson Resolution and Stop the IRS Power Grab!

League of Conservation Voters Action Fund highlights “The Newest Battleground.” It alleges “Last night, Wisconsin GOP primary voters went to the polls and elected former Wisconsin governor -- and former Bush administration official -- Tommy Thompson to be the Republican nominee for the Wisconsin Senate seat. While many Americans have struggled over the past few years with a feeble economy and rising energy prices, Thompson has profited from hundreds of thousands of dollars from his investments in the oil and gas industry. He also supports Paul Ryan's extreme budget plan which would protect billions in Big Oil subsidies. If he wins the Wisconsin Senate seat in November, you can bet he’ll be one of Big Oil and Dirty Coal’s best friends in Washington. We don’t need another crony of Big Oil and Dirty Coal in Washington. We need a leader who will fight to protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. That’s why it’s critical we show Tammy Baldwin that LCV supporters are committed to her campaign. Will you chip in with a donation today?”

Emily’s List also touches on the Wisconsin race in “New updates from the Baldwin campaign,” which seeks donations and opens: “I'm getting up to the minute reports from my staff on the ground with Tammy Baldwin's Senate campaign in Wisconsin. Here's the deal: we just got word that the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove are going up with a massive TV buy attacking her. Tammy needs to get on the air right away so that she can get her message out before these shadowy, corporate funded right-wing groups take over the airwaves. She's counting on $50,000 from EMILY's List donors before midnight tonight to do it.”

Other fundraising emails are sent out by Romney for President, Inc., and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

National Taxpayers Union wants to “Keep the Pressure Up on Lawmakers: Stop Farm Welfare.” The email opens: “This is an important reminder: if you haven’t already done so, please join hundreds of other National Taxpayers Union members by taking just 2 minutes to sign the ‘No More Farm Welfare’ petition and download our August Recess Action Pack. As you know, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected six-time NTU Taxpayers’ Friend Award winner Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running-mate. His choice sends a strong message that he is serious about entitlement reform. However, if Republicans in Washington want to prove they can really get the spending spree back under control, they shouldn’t wait until next January – they should start today by ending fiscally irresponsible entitlements that mainly go to Agribusinesses.”

Public Citizen writes about “practically nothing” in an email that opens: “Five months. That’s how long ago Public Citizen and our allies asked Obama and Romney to disclose the names of the wealthy donors who tap their elite networks for checks then deliver the spoils to their candidate in one big bundle. Obama’s campaign disclosed 638 of these ‘bundlers.’ Romney, on the other hand, has revealed practically nothing. His campaign disclosed only the bare minimum required by law — 34 bundlers who are federally registered lobbyists. ... Tell Mitt Romney it’s time to open up about the big-money donors bankrolling his campaign.

David Avella offers “The GoPAC Newsletter,” highlighting: “At this month's GOPAC State & Local Summit in Denver, Colorado, state legislative leaders from across America developed proven solutions for creating jobs and growing the economy in the states come November.  Also this month, we are excited to welcome a successful and reform-minded state leader in Eric Holcomb to GOPAC's Board of Directors. And as we work to gain a Republican majority in several key states this year, including the Colorado, Iowa and Nevada State Legislatures, GOPAC is proud to announce our endorsement of Mari Nakashima St. Martin for Nevada State Senate.  Finally this August, Chairman Frank Donatelli highlights for us the impact of Governor Mitt Romney's selection of Representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, in addition to the role that candidates and campaigns must play in advancing the national debate on important issues facing our country.”

The US Chamber of Commerce pens an email, titled “Economic Recovery Weakest Ever Since Great Depression,” which opens with a story from Stars and Stripes. The article, titled “‘Hiring Our Heroes’ Kicks Off Joint Initiative With Toyota at Quantico,” links to Hiring Our Heroes and begins: “Dakota Meyer owns a small construction company in his native Kentucky, but the 24-year-old former Marine sergeant and Medal of Honor recipient is taking some time away from work to help other veterans find jobs. ‘This is not about me. It's about Marines, military and their families,’ said Meyer, who was at Quantico to help kick off a hiring initiative by Toyota and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which launched the nationwide job fair last year.”

Democratic Governors Association asks “Romney wins Pennsylvania?” The email claims “Yesterday, a judge ruled that the new Republican ‘voter ID’ law can take effect this year—a law that could ‘make it harder for the elderly, disabled, poor and young adults to vote,’ according to the Associated Press. If President Obama loses Pennsylvania, all bets are off. We have to act now to stop this atrocious law from taking effect. Join the DGA in calling on Pennsylvania Republicans to stop pushing voter suppression laws to gain an advantage against President Obama.

Children's Defense Fund sends out “Billionaires Over Babies,” which urges action and begins: “Earlier this month the U.S. House of Representatives made a clear decision to support billionaires over babies. They voted to extend the Bush-era tax giveaways to billionaires while voting to cut babies by decreasing the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and the American Opportunity Tax Credit (which helps pay for college). The result of these cuts to tax credits benefiting children? 900,000 children would be thrown into poverty and another 6.4 million children would be pushed deeper into poverty. TAKE ACTION: Don’t Let Them Get Away With This Vote.”

Madeleine Buckingham with Mother Jones writes “Paul Ryan doesn't want you to read this” in a subscription drive email that alleges “There's never been a more important time to subscribe to Mother Jones: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will say anything to win the election, and it's important to defend yourself from the tsunami of right-wing misinformation, propaganda, and flat-out lies.”

“Wind Energy Subsidies Are As Useful As VHS Tape Subsidies” claims The Heritage Foundation in an email, which opens: “The wind production tax credit is set to expire at the end of this year, which has the industry crying out for continued subsidies. Heritage's Nicolas Loris has made the case that the wind energy tax credit makes as much sense as a VHS production tax credit. Can you imagine the logic: ‘We can't afford to lose our VHS tape manufacturing plants. They provide valuable jobs. Americans need a variety of ways to watch recorded entertainment.’ Loris says this is what proponents of wind energy tax credits sound like.”

Center for Media and Democracy offers up “Paul Ryan's Priest, Olympic ‘Sin-Washing’ and More in The Spin,” opening with: “VP Role for Paul Ryan Has His Former Parish Priest Worried - The entrance to St. Mary Elementary School in Janesville, Wisconsin has two identical archways with contrasting inscriptions. One entrance says, ‘For God.’ The other says, ‘For Country.’ That is where Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, first merged his studies of government and religion as a young student. The priest who presides over the archways says that Ryan's interpretation of Catholic teaching in national budgetary matters and his prospective vice presidential role have him ‘worried.’”

ThinkProgress War Room asks “End Medicare Sooner?” and claims: “New Romney Plan: Make Medicare Insolvent by 2016 - Yesterday, we discussed the Romney campaign’s attempt to distract from the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it and replace it with a voucher system that will increase seniors’ health care costs by thousands of dollars. The Romney campaign was also under fire for attacking the $716 billion in Medicare savings found in Obamacare, despite the fact that Romney himself had repeatedly endorsed plans including those exact same savings and even promised just this week that he’d sign the Ryan plan that included them into law.”